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How much would liposuction cost for just my hips?

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Tilly Shaw | 14.9.2012 13:35:20

Hello, I weigh around 150 pounds, maybe a little less. I eat healthy and exercise regularly, but I have a natural „muffin top“ No matter how much weight I lose I still have a small muffin top. It's really aggravating, and unattractive! How much does liposuction usually cost? OR if you've had the procedure done in similar places such as mine, please let me know how much it ran in the price! Thanks so much in advance!

Beauty in Prague | 27.9.2012 14:57:37

Dear Tilly,

Thank you for your interest in our cosmetic surgery abroad.

Beauty in Prague offers you a free consultation before you make your decision. Simply fill in the Medical Questionnaire and send us the photo of the areas to be treated. Our Prague plastic surgeons will assess your suitability for the treatment and we will get back to you within a few days with their advice.

Once we have the photos we are able to help you and advise you on the best and most effective procedure for you.

The cost of Liposuction:

Small Liposuction (1 area) is ……………1,399 GBP / 1,569 EUR.

Medium Liposuction (2 areas) is ………..1,749 GBP / 1,959 EUR

Large Liposuction (3–5 areas) is …………2,109 GBP / 2,359 EUR.

The cost of the surgery includes:

• Full Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon • Pre-Operative Blood & ECG Tests • Full Examination by a GP • The Surgery • All Medication • 1–4 Nights at the Clinic • All Post-Operative Treatments • Dressings & Surgical Wear • Stitches Removal • Support Garment worn after the surgery • Transfer between your recovery apartment and the clinic

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day, Lucia

• Beauty in Prague – Cosmetic Surgery

Charlotte reed, IP: | 5.11.2012 13:05:17

Hi there I just wanted to no how much the apartment is so I no how much all together with tummy tuck x x :-P

charlotte, IP: | 5.11.2012 17:26:25

Apartment is £30 per night based on one person or £45 per night based on 2 people sharing.

Charlotte reed, IP: | 6.11.2012 01:15:04

I have just had a text email about lipo on my hips is that what I need as well as a tummy tuck x

Charlotte reed, IP: | 6.11.2012 01:18:28

I have just had a text email about lipo on my hips is that what I need as well as a tummy tuck x if I do get lipo on my hips and tummy tuck how much all together

Shane Rose, IP: | 29.7.2014 07:21:32

Hello! I had liposuction surgery done and it is really good. I avail the package called Perfection Liposuction Package which cost. The package includes, all medical fees, medications, lab Work, garments, all transfers, and also bilingual assistant. If you will have it done abroad i suggest you ask first for a quote.

Ana Murphy, IP: | 24.10.2014 18:57:24

Mine I had my tummy tuck surgery, so far the result is really good and the cost… i must say two thumbs up. I definitely recommend.

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