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victoria555, IP: | 23.3.2018 15:28:28

For a long time I wanted to enlarge my lips. Since I have small lips since birth, I wanted to increase them a little bit. I read a lot of different reviews on many forums, but I ran into only not very good reviews. Many did not like the results they had. I really wanted to find a good doctor who will do everything impeccably. And recently I was lucky, I met with Simon Ourian. He's just an amazing doctor, he did his job flawlessly, without mistakes or flaws. I really like my new lips, everything is straight as I wanted, I got what I wanted. Many thanks to the wonderful doctor Simon Ourian, for his excellent work.

Olivia Davies, IP: | 27.4.2018 12:37:52

Hello! I want to share my experience lip augmentation surgery. I too long time wanted to make my lips more classic and sexy. Turned i to consultaton of Beauty Brokers Inc. They advised me the doctor who made me plastic. I trusted this company but in vain. I've had post-op side effects, and I went through a lot of rehabilitation procedures for a long time since this surgery. As it turned out later the company Beauty Brokers Inc promotes those doctors who pay the company kickbacks. After this experience I can not decide what will be right to do or not to do plastic surgery at all. :-|

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