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Мария Евгеньевна щетинина, IP: | 5.6.2017 02:18:22

A few weeks ago I noticed enlarged breasts and for me it became a problem. I immediately went to the clinic and my doctor perform a thorough physical examination and check my medical history together with any prescription drugs you are currently taking. My doctor request other tests are carried out such as blood tests, mammograms, CT scans and MRIs. The results are not yet ready and I would like to ask you (maybe someone has already encountered this problem). How is Gynecomastic treated? f I have surgery, what is the recovery time?

DineshMT, IP: | 2.4.2018 07:24:16

I know I am a little late on this post and I apologize for that.
But I do have one thing to suggest for anyone who is planning to undergo Gynecomastia since this is not a process to be taken lightly.
Before I could even come to a conclusion that I wanted a Gynecomastia surgery, I was so skeptical that I might have consulted over 10 doctors personally and taken the advise of a doctor on call(like them https://www.doc­toroncall.com­.my/) before considering this.
To be honest it does feel better now, but the scar that is left behind is just not a happy sight to see.
So unless you are sure that you need it, you should not be going through it.

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