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lesley fox, IP: | 25.1.2017 16:12:48

Hi im thinking of having a neck lift… thats my main area of concern and im sure a facelift will become part of that… im very nervous of things going wrong… you hear and see such horror stories!!! so would be very grateful to talk to anyone who has had this procedure done by Beauty in Prague… if anyone had before and after pics that they would share with me confidential of course that would be amazing… so heres hoping to a brighter more youthful looking me as im in my 60th year !!! many many thanks Lesley x

Beauty in Prague | 30.1.2017 14:33:48

Hi Lesley,

Thank you for your post. If none of our clients will not get back to you please email us to beauty (at) be­autyinprague.com and we will provide you with some telephone numbers and email addresses from our previous clients from the UK.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards, Tamara, Patient Coordinator

Ann, IP: | 13.2.2017 14:24:18

Hello I am thinking of doing the same thats facelift/neck. I to am 60ish. I am hoping to have this done later in the year. I would love to hear from anyone that has had this done lately. It is so hard to find the right people. I live in the North West if anyone else is going.
Ann :-D

leslie horner, IP: | 1.3.2017 18:45:36

Hi. Im seriously considering a face lift/neck lift, and would Love to hear from anyone who has had this surgery or any surgery really at the Beauty in Prague?
I am very nervous about going out there on my own and would like some reassuring if possible please?
But mostly i would like to hear about how things went regarding before and after treatments and basic hygiene and of course if ou were happy with your procedure…or not?
Many thanks. Les :-)

Anne , IP: | 31.5.2017 12:12:26

Hi. I had a lower face and neck lift. 6weeks ago at beauty in Prague. I live in the Midlands in the UK. I would recommend having treatment in Prague. The doctors nurses and receptionists were very nice.. I had nothing to worry about.
If you are considering face or neck lift surgery you can be sure that, this team will look after you..
My life has completely changed.
Considered surgery for years before I was brave enough to go abroad.
But I'm so glad that found the confidence to fly to Prague. :-)

Marie, IP: | 17.6.2017 14:51:26

I am considering face lift in Prague can you tell me how long I would need to stay there for and how long did it take for all the bruising to disappear?

Ann Hart, IP: | 17.9.2017 14:31:32

Hello I am hoping to have a facelift soon. I cannot say when as I am waiting on the sale of my property.
I am in my late 60's. I would like to know what to do to perpar myself for this surgery?
I have blood presure? it is controled. I would be greatful for aqny advice
Ann :-(

Beauty in Prague | 17.9.2017 21:25:18

Hi Anne,

Thank you for the recommendation – we are happy you are satisfied with the outcome of your surgery :-P

Hello Marie – thank you for your post. Our facial surgeons advise on minimum stay of 10 days – 2 at the clinic and additional 8 for your recovery in an apartment or hotel which is organised by us. For our free email consultation simply email us your photos to beauty (at) be­autyinprague.com ;-) The bruising vanishes in 7–10 days.

Dear Ann – thank you for your post and considering booking with us. All pre-operative tests are done here in Prague. If you wish double check on your health please visit your GP who should be able to advise you on standard tests which are taken before any general anaesthetic – blood tests, ECG test etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you have further questions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Beauty in Prague Team UK freephone: 0800 023 2592

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