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Helen, IP: | 23.5.2013 09:40:05

Hi Linz you said that you are getting your stitches out today do they not take them out over there before you come home or is it to soon to remove them??

Linz, IP: | 23.5.2013 10:35:23

They just snip the ends of the stitches down, but got to give the wound time to properly close, I phoned district nurse on Monday and they got me in for today.. X

Karen smith, IP: | 23.5.2013 13:54:41

Casey if you pay in euros you'll save abit of money…I paid in gbp last year & euros this year saved me £300 on the price. With regards to swelling everyone it can rake upto 6 months fir swelling to go down. Stocking wise you can take off your stockings now… Took mine off day after surgery. Glad all is well fir you both

Linz, IP: | 23.5.2013 13:57:58

In the middle of my scar it is really scabby, I'm dreading the scan coming off to reveal a hole :O the stitch travels under this scab, en route to the district nurse now so I really hope I'm worrying over nothing x

Karen smith, IP: | 23.5.2013 18:46:53

I've had a few tiny scabs on my breasts when I've pulled them off after a shower it's nay because there's a stitch knot that I've missed to cut off. You should be ok

kerry, IP: | 23.5.2013 19:58:31

god the internet is bad here! this is the first time ive been able to get online for ages!!
im officially going to the apartment tomorrow :D they've kept me here for so long because one of my fluid drains is getting really full still, but I had one of them removed about 2 hours ago….…such a strange feeling that was! ive still not seen what my stomach looks like standing up and the suspense is killing me lol.
as for sleeping I don't think ive had this little sleep my whole life! even the sleeping don't seem to be helping :( which means the days drag even more than usual!
linz. I hope it went ok for you with the nurse, my surgeon told me I should get my stiches removed in the uk the day after I fly home.


Linz, IP: | 23.5.2013 21:21:28

I found the wifi to be ok, did go a little slow at times… I stayed in 3 nights .. Seemed like forever lol… Went ok with the DN… She said it doesn't feel spongy under the scab so that is certainly a good sign.. It was really uncomfortable though when she was tugging on the stitches to find the knots.. The scab lifted slightly, I begged her not to lift the scab completely off haha.. It's a little bit inflamed on part of my scar so she has dressed it with iodine dressings and I've to go back tues, super impressed with the rest of my scar, and my waist is slowly starting to appear… OMG I actually have a waist haha… My surgeon told me 7–8 days after returning home to have the knots cut on the stitches, just gives a little longer for the wound to close properly.. How was your legs Kerry after you took the stockings off?? I remember it being a major relief lol and the feeling of the drains coming out 8-O every nerve of mine was on end and it made me feel nauseous… My belly button is quite scabby and the stitches aren't desolving as easily as perhaps should do, my DN suggested putting warm water on cotton wool to the area twice a day and leaving it on as the heat is what desolves them… Would be great to exchange some pics with people who's had the same procedure… I'm overly impressed with my results so far.. Quite shocked my surgeon has not once been mentioned in these reviews, she was remarkable .. And the staff really do go up and beyond, Katerina is fantastic at her job :) x

Nicole, IP: | 26.5.2013 00:17:49

Hi all, just a quick update. I am almost 5 week post op from full tt with muscle tightening and lipo.
I'm still swollen, not too bad tho, looks fab in a morning but swells up by tea time. :/ I have some pains when I'm on my feet too long but other than sneezing (stupid hayfever) that's all the pain I have.
When I woke up from my op I wanted to do nothing but sleep and even now at nearly 5week I am still tired a lot of the time
I had a small scab in the centre of my scar that was starting to look yellow and I was worried to death I was going to end up with a hole or something. I went straight to my doc who said it was inflamed and could be a start of infection. he gave me some antibiotics and it has healed up fine now. Phew.
My only problem is I'm so used to doing things, I'd be at the gym most days and running lots of errands and I'm really trying not to over do anything and as I seem to be a slow healer i want to recover safely. But I'm bored out of my mind, not being able to play with my little boy how I could before makes me feel like a mean mommy, and I'm going to get fat with so little exercise.
Walking too long makes me feel nauseous though. :/
Just thought I would let those know who are also, one of those always on their feet moving, how annoying it is slowing down lol
Everyday though I look at my stomach from the side (the front still looks fat from swelling to sides) and I love my new profile! No overhang or flapping skin waving at me. :-D
I'd definitely recommend BIP :)

Linz, IP: | 26.5.2013 23:31:42

Hya Nicole,
Pleased everything is going really well for you.. I'm in quite a lot of pain and really swollen today.. Feeling rotten in general.. I am extremely bored of not being able to do much, I'm also quite an active person normally.. Took my youngest daughter to the park today and out for lunch, was nice just to do something with her.. I too am feeling tired frequently.. How is your scar looking?

Nicole, IP: | 27.5.2013 23:09:48

Hi Linz, my scar is still a little Red and more so in the centre where its healing slower. the ends at each side are rather scrunched up but I have noticed they are flattening out over time. I have been massaging bio oil on it once a day to try help and I really think its is. My belly button looks like an outie rather than the innie I had. As its a little swollen inside but other than that looks good.
Last week it all looked different to how it does now so it really is a patience thing, something I lack lol
Glad to hear someone else feeling like I do especially with the tiredness etc. I have been having more pains today but I haven't needed any pain killers so it really isn't bad at all. Just the odd twinge I guess.
How many weeks are you now post op? Are you pleased with how it's looking?
Because of the swelling I'm looking pudgy today x

Kerry, IP: | 28.5.2013 02:19:09

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days :/
It just feels so good to be out of the clinic!! Lol. They kept me in for 5 days!!!…...no complications or anything but I did have to have 1drain refitted because a big fluid lump came up. I think they kept me in so long because they treated me like a baby, I literally only look about 12 haha.

Anyway I'm just over a week post op full tt now and I'm surprised at how much you improve each day. Yesterday I had my drains removed :D yay! It feels amazing not to have them. The swelling isn't so bad in the morning but I still am not able to fit in any of my button up size 6 trousers….all my other clothes fit though so least I don't have to just wear pj's.

I have a quick check up tomorrow at the clinic then home on Wednesday! I can't actually wait…...I miss my mum sooo much haha.

Is it normal for the scar to be seriously itchy?


Karen smith, IP: | 28.5.2013 08:59:55

Yes Kerry all scars get itchy some days worse than
Others, that's a good sign of the heeling. My boobs were mega itchy for a few weeks but all good now, I had to keep give them a sly rub when no one was looking haha. All my scars have been itchy my stomach, legs & arms following all my surgery. The bio oil is good once the scar is heeled cometly start using it, it will help the scars reduce the redness quicker, I'm only 6 wks post op breast uplift & you can hardly tell I've had anything done, I've been using the coco butter oil for scars & stretch marks. Safe journey home Kerry & take care don't be lifting anything too heavy xx

Kerry, IP: | 28.5.2013 20:15:14

Thanks for the advise and information Karen :) I fully intend on bathing in bio oil lol…...my scar will be invisible!!! :D

LinZ did you write a message on a magazine in the clinic with room 401 on it? If so I was reading the magazine today while waiting for my check up :D
My check up went well, all is healing well! I have to go back tomorrow before my flight home to get some paperwork then bye bye prague! 10 days is definatly long enough in this apartment, although I've become quite attached!! Haha

Linzi, IP: | 28.5.2013 22:09:18

Hi guys.. Sounds like all is going well with you all.. That's good :)
OMG Kerry, I did.. Is it an English magazine? I did that in my apartment at the 3domy for someone called Sue, I gave her the mags, she must have taken them into the clinic when she was leaving lol..
Nicole I am now 22 days post op.. My scar is looking amazing, not red or raised, only prob I'm having is with this scab in the middle :( went back to the district nurse today to get my dressing changed and she had to pick the scab to make sure nothing is lurking underneath it, apart from a little bit of slough she said its healing well,just hoping it doesn't get any worse,got to go back every 4 days till its healed,no infection though so gotta be a good sign.. I'm up and done with the swelling.. Some days worse than others.. But I'm on my own with 3 children, but I'm getting quite a bit of rest..still slightly scabby round my belly button,and it's still an innie atm lol…
I've also noticed my garment has become slightly slack, finding it hard to really tighten it, it also creases in my sides becoming uncomfortable and very itchy.. Can't wait to say goodbye to it.. Just 3 more weeks lol..

Linz, IP: | 28.5.2013 22:13:15

Safe trip home tomorrow Kerry :) I was like that for the final 3 – 4 days,was counting down the hours…when I had the check up the day before I flew home I got all my paperwork then.. Is anyone from or near the northwest? I'm from near Manchester…x

Kerry, IP: | 28.5.2013 22:29:13

Yeah linz it's an English one with Kimberly walsh from girls aloud on it :) wow this feels soo surreal lol :)

Pleased to hear your progressing well :) I have an appointment in England to get my stitches out on Thursday! Bit nervous about that, I'm having thoughts about the scar popping open :/ I know it won't but I have an active imagination!!

I know what you mean about the garment!! Mine seemed to be like that from the beginning, the ends are halfway round my back when I tighten it…..also it's really stained looking with all that cold yellow stuff they spray on you. Can you buy them anywhere in the uk?

Thanks for the safe journey wishes :D I must say sitting on a plane sounds the most exciting thing to do because this apartment is so boring :(

The reason I'm getting my paperwork tomorrow is that I'm getting some money back for the apartment rental as the water was cut off for 3 whole days and I've literally spend a fortune on bottles of water to drink, cook with and flush the loo! The plumber was supposed to come Sunday but he showed up today instead

I live in Cornwall just to let you know, I think this forum should have a reunion haha…..would be like the women's institute :D


alison, IP: | 29.5.2013 00:01:28

Hi. Would love to hear from anyone out there who has had a mini tummy tuck with lipo to sides ,upper abdomen and waist? If so were you pleased with results and what was your recovery like?. There seems to be lots of info and pics on tummy tucks but i have yet to read or see any pics on mini tummy tucks… Off to prague in june, booked a date but still unsure on what surgery to have HELP !!!! LOL

alison, IP: | 29.5.2013 00:01:44

Hi. Would love to hear from anyone out there who has had a mini tummy tuck with lipo to sides ,upper abdomen and waist? If so were you pleased with results and what was your recovery like?. There seems to be lots of info and pics on tummy tucks but i have yet to read or see any pics on mini tummy tucks… Off to prague in june, booked a date but still unsure on what surgery to have HELP !!!! LOL

alison, IP: | 29.5.2013 00:02:07

Hi. Would love to hear from anyone out there who has had a mini tummy tuck with lipo to sides ,upper abdomen and waist? If so were you pleased with results and what was your recovery like?. There seems to be lots of info and pics on tummy tucks but i have yet to read or see any pics on mini tummy tucks… Off to prague in june, booked a date but still unsure on what surgery to have HELP !!!! LOL

alison, IP: | 29.5.2013 00:02:07

Hi. Would love to hear from anyone out there who has had a mini tummy tuck with lipo to sides ,upper abdomen and waist? If so were you pleased with results and what was your recovery like?. There seems to be lots of info and pics on tummy tucks but i have yet to read or see any pics on mini tummy tucks… Off to prague in june, booked a date but still unsure on what surgery to have HELP !!!! LOL

Linz, IP: | 29.5.2013 00:47:16

Lol Kerry, think that was the mag ‚closer‘…. I've looked online about purchasing another garment, not properly but the sites I found where mainly in America and was around 40–80 dollars for one :/… A forum meeting sounds great haha… Unlucky on the apartment bet that was the last thing u needed.. X

Linz, IP: | 29.5.2013 00:51:04

Hya Alison, I had a full TT so can't offer much advise about the mini TT, but I did have lipo on upper abdomen and flanks (sides) I've noticed a huge improvement through the lipo although still really swollen from it so still to see proper results… But with BIP you will get quality service, who is your surgeon?

alison, IP: | 29.5.2013 11:37:12

Hi Linz, just read all about your experience which has really helped me understand what i may expect so a big thank you…
My surgeon is Martin Salka, shame that no one has left any feed back about him, but im sure i will be in good hands, just need to decide on accommodation, my partner is going out with me i was thinking the apartment in old town would be better, :-P more for him to do whilst im at the clinic, and it would be nice to have your own little kitchen space,the only thing im concerned about is the fact it has a double bed and worried that sharing a bed so soon after surgery wouldnt be a good idea , worried about knocking wounds etc.
Where did you stay? what was it like and what were your views on it?
Soooo much to think about…..I always find the unknown scary.!
We are going away today for a couple of days so no pc until Monday so wont be able to get back to you.
I wish you a speedy recovery, take it easy, and will catch up again with you next week. Alison x

Linz, IP: | 29.5.2013 16:02:38

Hya Alison.. Hope you've enjoyed your break :)

I stayed at the 3domy… Highly recommended, really nice rooms and balconys.. It has a gym and pool which are in with the cost of staying there, you just need to let them know the day before if u want to use the facilities for the day after, across the road from the hotel is a baguette shop, there is a supermarket also right beneath the hotel, and 2 minute walk away is the tube to get in to Prague centre.. Which is only 3 stops away and takes 5 minutes on the tube.. I booked the bigger apartment which had 2 bedrooms but 1 bedroom apt is more than adequate, I slept on the sofa most of my stay in there as it was more comfortable.. The pillows are big and comfy too.. ( could make a divide) haha… If u need iron/ironing board u just request at the reception and the house maid will bring it to your room.. If u did opt for this apartment I'd definitely go to the reception on your arrival to request an extra room key as you need it in the apartment in order for the electric to stay on, will just save u having to keep getting up to let your hubby in.. From the balcony you get the sun all day too if u wanted to sit out there.. If your unsure on your surgeon ask to see some pictures.. If you want to see any before and after pics from myself drop me an email and I will happily oblige.. Anything else your unsure about just let me know.. It is a scary process going abroad and into the unknown, but they really do look after you whether your with someone or on your own..

Linz, IP: | 29.5.2013 16:09:49

Forgot to add me email addy onto that lol…
It is: watkin21at gmail dot com .. Obviously all put together in email address format…I met a woman called Sue who also stayed in the 3domy.. I went to her 1 bed apartment and wished I'd have booked that as opposed to the 2 bed.. What we also did was take a DVD player and lead and connected it to the tv in the lounge, made the evenings more bearable with something to watch.. What I also noticed with my 2 bed apt is the shower was over the bath n wasn't great.. In the 1 bed was a walk in shower I was gutted lol… X

Linz, IP: | 29.5.2013 16:17:13

Last thing !! :) when your able to get out for a bit of a walk, when u come out of the apartment turn right, you cross a road after about 100 yards is a little area you can sit on some benches, it's nice to get out for a change of scenery, the across the road from there a little further up is a bigger area with park and benches… Only a max of 10 minute walk.. I only found it on the last 2 days I was there.. If u have never used Czech koruna money and want a rough idea what things cost etc let me know and I will also include that in another msg x

Karen smith, IP: | 4.6.2013 23:16:12

I hope who ever is out in Prague at the moment is safe from all the floods out there. Take care everyone xx

Linz , IP: | 12.6.2013 10:19:19

Good luck Alison with your op today… X

Linz, IP: | 12.6.2013 11:23:58

Just a note for anyone wearing the compression garments… I'm 5 weeks post op and the garment in the last week has been extremely uncomfortable.. It was digging and creasing in my skin at the sides.. Became unbearable to wear at times.. I put it in the washing machine with the Velcro fastened, and hung it over a chair to dry.. It is so much better to wear again now.. Highly recommended.. As your waist shrinks (swelling goes down) the garment has already moulded to the bigger shape.. Wish I had done it 2 weeks ago…
:) x

Emma, IP: | 24.8.2013 20:43:44

Any tummy tuckers due for op in Prague?
I am hoping to go in December but still undecided.
It's either to perfect clininc with dr pros
Or Prague 1clinic with dr kulhanek
Or OB clinic with dr scala

Judith Lowe , IP: | 12.9.2013 12:24:05

Implant removal and replacement or implant removal and lift? Hi! Girls…...HELP I can't make up my mind. I have a ruptured Saline implant that ruptured. My Dr, in the UK. said just to remove them and get a lift
Not sure after 20 years if I will enjoy being small again.

The Beauty in Prague looks great, is it?? Who has experience there with breast surgery? I have sent in my pics etc. reponse was quick. thinking of having a bit of lipo as well.

Is it as good as they say?

Judith Lowe

Emma, IP: | 12.9.2013 12:28:12

Gosh 20years that's good!!iv had mine 8years and when they need replacing I will go for more implants as I couldn't cope with empty ones lol

Emma, IP: | 12.9.2013 12:28:14

Gosh 20years that's good!!iv had mine 8years and when they need replacing I will go for more implants as I couldn't cope with empty ones lol

Emma, IP: | 12.9.2013 12:28:16

Gosh 20years that's good!!iv had mine 8years and when they need replacing I will go for more implants as I couldn't cope with empty ones lol

Karen smith, IP: | 12.9.2013 19:12:36

Hi Judith, I had breast uplift & implants at beauty in Prague back in April, they healed really well & look amazing. I had mine due to 10 stone weight loss & had deflated balloons haha. Dr jitka vrtitkova did mine its the 2 nd surgery she's done for me, I had mt bingo wings done last year too. She is amazing & so lovely. I have no anchor scar, you can hardly tell my nipples were cut round & all I have is a small tiny line coming from the lower part of the nipple. It doesn't run all the way down the breast. I'm a nurse in the uk & the care & treatment I received in Prague was 110% better than uk private or Nhs.

liz, IP: | 22.9.2013 13:43:36

hi im thinking of having my 1st surgery of a tummy tuck and lipo, all your comments sound positive but can any1 give me more info on the stay and who can come with me and the op itself, also ive neva flown b4 so its goin to be an ever bigger trip if i can get on the plane .

Julie, IP: | 23.9.2013 09:05:05

Hi Liz, I had a tummy tuck last year and am currently in Prague recovering from an arm lift. Dr Vritskova is also my surgeon and I can't tell you how amazing she is! The whole company is to be honest, and everything is taken care of. If you email me I will happily answer questions :) I hate flying, but believe me it's worth the trip!
Julielgates @ hotmail . Com

Miss Syra shah, IP: | 4.11.2013 01:22:33

Hi I wish to have a tummy tuck and liposuction From Syra

Beauty in Prague | 27.11.2013 16:09:40

Dear Miss Shah,

Thank you for your interest in our affordable cosmetic surgery in Prague.

Beauty in Prague offers you a FREE e-mail consultation with one of our plastic surgeons before travelling to Prague. If you are interested please:

1. Fill in the Medical Questionnaire on: http://www.be­autyinprague.com/…es­tionnaire/

2. Send us the some photos of the areas to be treated. The photos should be taken from the front and also from the profile (side).

  • The cost of Mini Tummy Tuck is 1,619 GBP.
  • The cost of Full Tummy Tuck is 2,209 GBP.
  • The cost of Full Tummy Tuck with Large Liposuction is 2,969 GBP.
The cost of the surgery includes
Full Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon
Pre-Operative Blood & ECG Tests
Full Examination by a GP
The Surgery
All Medication
1–4 Nights at the Clinic
All Post-Operative Treatments
Dressings & Surgical Wear
Stitches Removal
Support Garment worn after the surgery
Transfer between your recovery apartment and the clinic
You can watch our Video Testimonials online on
  • Ear Pinning – Video Testimonial:


  • Tummy Tuck, Face Lift, Upper Arm Lift – Video Testimonial:


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Beauty in Prague

UK Freephone: 0800 023 2592

Michelle, IP: | 11.12.2015 09:36:35

Hi all,

I'm new to the site and wanted to share my great experience for doing cosmetic surgery abroad. I had my BA and Tummy Tuck done in Prague recently and it was a great experience, the best decision I've ever made and The price was like 3 times or more cheaper than what I'd have to pay here. The best of all is the result it turns out amazing I'm feeling confident with way I look again. I recommend you guys to try „Beauty in Prague“. They were so nice and professional to me. It just feel better when I got a chance to have an online consultation messaging with my doctor before I actually decided to go. It just feels a lot more comforting when you're able to talk to someone who's going to operate you! best of luck to all of you who's on a life changing journey like myself. :-D :-)

mel, IP: | 6.1.2016 00:21:25

Hey Michelle , glad you are happy. I am booked for Feb for a full tummy tuck. Do you mind me asking who your surgeon was? Would you be happy to share tt pictures with me via email? Thanks mel :) x

Megan, IP: | 14.1.2016 13:37:08

Hi, I am glad you were satisfied in Prague. I love Prague and for my first plastic surgery it was the only right choice. I visited few clinics there and fell in love with Beauty in Prague clinic. I think by choosing clinic in Prague, you make right move. I love my results. Plus you have great holiday abroad.

Katie, IP: | 5.3.2017 23:24:55

Hi my name is Katie and I am travelling to Prague to get a mini tuck and lipo at different clinic. I'm very anxious about flying home afterwards if it will be very painful to sit up right for that long and how bad the scar would be. Does anyone have some advice for me please as I am getting very anxious about the whole thing, thank you! :-)

ElisabethMoore, IP: | 16.8.2017 10:30:38

Hi, I am glad you were satisfied in Prague. I love Prague and for my first plastic surgery it was the only right choice. I visited few clinics there and fell in love with Formé clinic. I think by choosing clinic in Prague, make right move. I love my results. Plus have great holiday broad.

craig, IP: | 21.9.2017 03:45:49

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