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Going abroad for cosmetic surgery?

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Mary, IP: | 29.11.2008 14:34:31

Hi, i really want a tummy tuck but cannot afford to have it done in the UK. I have been given a good quote by Beauty in Prague. Has anyone else had plastic surgery with them? Or has anynoe got any tips about gonig abroad for cosmetic surgery?? Really appreciate your help! :-P

Rosie, IP: | 23.4.2009 11:50:02

Hi Mary

I have just come back from a tummy tuck with Beauty in Prague and I'm so happy with the results so far. I'm 15 days post and getting around is easier and so is standing straight.

Good luck with your surgery :-)

Rosie x

Harriet, IP: | 30.7.2013 10:43:14

Is there anyone out there who's had inverted nipple surgery at beauty in Prague?
I can't find any testimonials for nipple surgery.


Georgina Baker, IP: | 20.2.2018 18:37:24


I am currently a final year student studying tourism management at bournemouth university. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out and answer a few questions I have in regards to experiences and motivations when undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad?
Any help would be much appreciated!!
Thank you all in advance

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