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Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery

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Pete, IP: | 27.11.2008 08:30:02

should cosmetic surgery be available to anyone??

what do u guys think?

one could say it should because each individual may have a different reason why they want it.. for instance one may not like the way they look and hence may be undergoing stress whereas others maybe suffering from facial disfigurement due to a fatal incident, hence the reason why they want cosmetic surgey.

But then you could also argue that there are so many people who have disfigured features due to serous accidents, domestic violence etc etc and may want cosmetic surgery done but have to wait due to people wanting to change the way their looks certainly due to the fact that they're unsatisfied with their features. in that sense cosmetic surgery should not be available to anyone and the latter should be able to have cosmetic surgery performed privately.

It would be nice to get your say on this topic aswell.

thanks X

Liz, IP: | 4.3.2009 16:47:40

I used to be a model in the 80s and now I´m approching 40. I´ve had a lot of surgery over the years but it´s very subtle and I only use trusted plastic surgeons. I really feel that most women would go ahead with cosmetic surgery, if thy found a plastic surgeon that they felt confident with.

ashley12, IP: | 2.2.2012 14:04:07

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roose12, IP: | 2.10.2012 10:35:35

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aboutclinic321, IP: | 19.3.2016 10:59:33

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Frank Abegnale, IP: | 21.7.2017 15:00:22

Well, I personally think plastic surgery should be available to all. It not only enhances the physical appearance but can also boost the patient’s confidence. Some people say it sends the wrong message or it cost much. But in some cases, plastic surgery becomes necessary especially in overcoming facial mutilation after a fatal accident or violence.

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