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natalie , IP: | 30.12.2011 17:48:07

hi all!!!!
Im planning to go to prague for my surgery in february and just wondering if any one can tell me what is the nearest hotels to the surgery are ?? I found one called the duo hotel if anyones heard off that one !!!!
plz let me no thank you natalie

Im really excited but nervous at the same time cause its abroad !!!!

jenna, IP: | 9.2.2012 17:54:45

Hi. how did your surgery go and bow did you find it in prague? my mom is looking in to having an upper arm lift done in prauge and we are trying to find out as much info as possible. thanks

Cas, IP: | 28.4.2012 12:22:21

Hi I am thinking if giin to Prague in June, can you tell me who you went with and how the op went



Karen , IP: | 8.5.2012 14:11:15

Hi, I am hoping to go to Prague first week in October for liposuction on thighs and knees. Is there anyone who has had this done and who can tell me about their experience? Anyone planning on going at this time for any surgery?



Sarah , IP: | 31.5.2012 16:30:09

Hi everyone :-)

I hope you don't mind me posting on this forum, but I work for a television company called Firecracker Films and we're making a documentary for BBC3 about young people aged 18–25 who are planning to change the way they look – from weight loss and fitness, to cosmetic surgery.

We are particularly interested in featuring someone who is planning to have surgery abroad, any time within the next eight weeks.

Having surgery abroad is becoming such a popular option for so many people, this could be a great opportunity to document your experience.

If you're interested in finding out more, I'd love to hear from you.

Please contact me at bodychange (at) fi­recrackerfilms­.com or 020 7349 7126

Thanks so much!


Keyla, IP: | 21.3.2017 12:25:07

Hey! I saw that you are in the cosmetic surgery group. Please fill out this questionnaire below! It's a research about females traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery, so if you are a female and traveled abroad for cosmetic surgery then this survey is for you! This survey is ANONYMOUS, so you do not have to worry about privacy issues! If you have the time, please help me out and fill in this 5 minutes questionnaire. If you are not someone who has traveled for cosmetic surgery please share and help with this research!

Thank you for your time and I wont bother you anymore.

See the link below!

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