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Breast reduction/uplift together

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Eliza, IP: | 21.10.2008 13:58:57

breast reduction with uplift

has anybody had this done? it is my 40th this year and i am going to treat myself.

I am presently an h/j cup and will be looking to go to a d cup but wondered whether an uplift is advisable at the same time, or is it when you have had a reduction your boobs do look more uplifted anyway. although massive my boobs are not saggy as per say .

looking forward to the day when i have no neck/back/shoulder pain, and can go into a shop and buy a pretty bra! :-)

thanks for any advice/replies

Nichole, IP: | 21.10.2008 14:01:21

I am seven weeks post op after breast reduction abroad and I did not need an uplift although I had saggy E cups.

I have never had such pert boobs ;-) and I am over the moon with the result. I am 53 and just wish I hadn't waited so long.

You are so lucky not to have sagged. Your plastic surgeon will tell you all you need to know.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Brenda, IP: | 21.10.2008 14:04:39


I had a breast reduction when I was 21, 6 years ago.

It was the best thing I ever did so can 100% recommend it.

When they do the reduction your breasts are uplifted any way so I can see that you would need to ask to have both done.

Make sure you use lots of coco butter well before the op to help with the scars, I used the soap, oil and butter and have very faint scars.

Good Luck!!

Julie, IP: | 21.10.2008 14:10:42

My Prague plastic surgeon suggested to me it would be beneficial to have an uplift at the same time and oh boy was he right they are just over a year old and are fabulous one of the best things i ever did. :-D

No pain now so totally worth it your surgeon will advise you, then go for it.

Julie x

louise, IP: | 5.11.2008 21:57:26

Hi Girls,

Im looking into the various places offering breast reduction surgery. Im 27 and an E cup. I have always had large boobs and i really want rid of them now. They make me feel really low at times and i feel im ready to take the step into having them reduced. My concern is i dont have children – want them soonish…and im worried if i have the surgery b4 i have a child, will it ruin the surgery?? or even leave me with droopy big boobs?

Louise x

Terry, IP: | 31.1.2009 14:12:33

I'm 57 years old and am finally having breast reduction surgery.
Mostly because I have two different size breasts. (extreme difference).
My surgeon recommended a lift on one side and reduction and lift on the larger side. I'm excited, anxious and freightened all at the same time. Any „words of wisdom“ out there? Good luck to all

Maggie, IP: | 10.2.2009 14:29:50

I had surgery with Dr Vrtiskova almost a year ago (breast reduction, tummy tuck) and she is absolutely fabulous. I know she has extensive experience with all types of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Vrtiskova is nice, approachable, easy to talk to, caring, and understanding. She will listen to what you want and your expectations of the surgery and will tell you your options objectively, without any pressure.

She has fantastic reviews for many different types of plastic surgery – and I believe if you're serious about surgery, she is definitley worth checking out. ;-)

Julia, IP: | 3.3.2009 08:34:31

I am awaiting comments from Terry posted on 31 January 2009 I need to talk to someone about breast reduction I have J cups am only five feet tall and hate them also I am now 60 I am expecting to have all sorts of post op problems but really would like to have the guts to do it please get back Terry tell all.

susan austin, IP: | 3.3.2009 16:41:00

i am 46years old seriously thinking about tummy tuck and breast uplift abroad.

Any advice or has anyone had both these procedures done at the same time

thanks susan

Paula, IP: | 4.3.2009 17:30:32

Having bigger boobs has definitely limited my choice of clothes in the the past. Buttoned shirts always seem to gape, and longer clothes can make me look shapeless, as they hang from the widest point – my boobs! :-?

There are many clothes I´d like to wear but can´t, and swimwear is hard to find. Seriously considering breast reduction with uplift :-)

Sandra, IP: | 7.3.2009 23:32:22

I'm seriously considering a breat reduction, tummy tuck with liposuction. Has anyone had all this done at one time?
Interested to hear the recovering time and how soon can one return to work. :-?

Beauty in Prague | 14.4.2009 11:43:01

Dear Paula,

Thank you for your interest in our cosmetic surgery abroad.

It is usually not advised to undergo breast reduction with tummy tuck including liposuction at the same time. At least 3 months as a time gap is usually advised as both surgeries are considered to be major surgeries. Howeve, we usually offer a special discount for undergoing the second surgery with us.

If you are interested in our free cosmetic surgery consultation please fill in the Medical Questionnaire and send us the photos of the areas to be treated.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, Tamara

olaide , IP: | 9.5.2009 22:11:06

i was reading the terms and condition of ‚beauty in prague‘ and i came across this -

‚The treatment and the relationship with the clinic Beauty In Prague holds no medical qualifications. Beauty in Prague does not carry any responsibility for the work of the surgeon, clinic and its staff. In case the surgeon does not recommend the surgery, we do not hold the responsibility.‘

i dont understand this sentence, could someone explain it to me?

Beauty in Prague | 10.5.2009 08:30:20

Dear Olaide,

Thank you for your question. Beauty in Prague offers medical tourism services and we are a part of our cosmetic surgery clinic.

The documentation regarding your surgery will be signed between you and a plastic surgeon who holds medical qualification, is responsible for the surgery performed and is also insured, which is necessary due to the Czech law.

None of us can be responsible if you will be declined for the surgery if you are not 100% healthy, if you do not truly fill in the Medical Questionnaire or you will not mentioned all medication you take and this will be discovered during the pre-operative tests etc.

I hope I answered your questions :-)

If you are interested in our free cosmetic surgery consultation please fill in the Medical Questionnaire and send us the photos of the areas to be treated.

Have a great day, Tamara – Beauty in Prague

Lyn, IP: | 25.10.2009 02:57:49

I'''m 57 and just had a reduction and lift 2 weeks ago. Other than being a bit tender, so far it's been a breeze (knock on wood!). Everyone was surprised I wasn't in any pain, just discomfort. I asked for a C cup (I might have a B at it's best). Doc said it depends on the bra manufacturer! Now I can't wait to get this big tummy whipped into shape. How long before I can use coco butter? It is dry and itchy….I'd do it again in a heartbeat (only maybe go with a D-cup). Can't wait to wear tanktops with built in bra in a few months….

gail, IP: | 2.5.2010 21:26:17

Hi, can anyone tell me if its possible to have face/neck lift and a breast reduction at the same time!!!
Thanks :-D

Julie, IP: | 16.5.2010 10:57:29


Has anyone had breast reduction and uplift in Prague? who is the best surgeon?

Keely Crouch, IP: | 18.5.2010 04:34:13

I live in the United States. I am thinking about coming to Prague to have a breast lift/reduction and the large lipo. Focus areas are inner and outer thighs. Im nervous about recovery time. It states the stitches are to be removed 21 days after surgery. I will not be there that long. Am i able to take the stitches out myself? Would i be able to get both done at the same time?
Information please because as of right now, I'm going to back out of all of it completely! :-(

Julie, IP: | 18.5.2010 20:42:33

Hi Keely Crouch

I had ultrasonic lipo in 2003, in the same areas you want and also had my tummy and flanks done. The recovery time is a day or so and it does not hurt. The results are brilliant. Make sure you eat Arnica tablets for a few week before. I did, and i had not once bruise. Only donwside is the gym shorts you have to ear for 6 weeks after, but its worth it.

Im having a breast lift and possibly reduction in Prague very soon, and after revising this for a year and getting many reports etc… i understand that scarring and stitches can be minimal if you use cocoa butter a few weeks before and get the right bras… I had a ceasarean birth in 2007 which is similar to a scar on the breast as its the same tissue and skin texture, and you could barely see my scar after 3 months. A few years on and its barely visable…

You can see your own doctor back in the States to remove stitches. Thats not a problem. They only say to stay incase of complications, but you will know after a few days whats what anyway…

Let me know how you get on :-)

Julie, IP: | 18.5.2010 20:46:01

And yes you can get both done at the same time, but i would not recommend taking out your own stitches. Best left to your own doctor.

Hope this helps.

Keely Crouch, IP: | 18.5.2010 22:10:34

Thank you so much for the information!! I have also had a c section, two to be exact. The first time, he did a wonderful job, had the dissolving stitches and you could barely see my scar as well. The second one, not so great.
I would have to get both done at the same time, due to children and travel.

Thanks again for the info!! ;-)

jennifer jarman, IP: | 23.9.2010 00:27:54

Hi there
I am looking at a Breast reduction/lift as I'm 23 but have large 34F breasts which cause me discomfort and pain. I would like to combine this procedure with liposuction of the abdominal/waist area and would like to know if its possible to do this in one surgery/trip? I've looked at other cosmetic surgery websites and it is possible to do this with some of them but I would prefer to use a European company like this one.
Any advice on whether this can be done and would it affect the cost?
Many thanks

Christine , IP: | 27.9.2010 14:36:09

I am extremely pleased with every aspect of my cosmetic surgery (Breast Reduction and Ear Pinning) and aftercare. The plastic surgeon and nursing staff could not have been more professional or helpful. The clinic and accommodation were both excellent and spotlessly clean. I would highly recommend Beauty in Prague for their professionalism and the high standard of Prague plastic surgeons and nursing staff they use.

Ruth, IP: | 22.4.2011 13:19:27

I'm seriously thinking about a breast reduction and uplift, have received my quote and been advised that the op would be done by Dr Prof. Ales Nejedly MD. Has anyone had an op done by him? I'd love to hear about it. It's just that somewhere in the back of my head I'm thinking that a breast op should be done by a woman. I don't want to end up looking ridiculous as I need my boobs to match the rest of my body and my age, if you know what I mean.

I'm 54 and my boobs are quite droopy now (36F). I live in Germay and am absolutely fed up with bra shopping, let alone a bikini or swimming costume that supports those blinkin' monsters! ;-) The bras I end up buying (Triumph Minimisers) cost nearly 50 Euros each! I think I'd like to get back to being a C or D cup.

I'd love to hear from anyone about their experience at Beauty in Prague.
Bye for now, Ruth :-P

farhana, IP: | 24.7.2012 14:24:05

hi i am 22 years old and really considering breast red and uplift. i am a 34 gg and get huge amount of pain, not 2 mention the lack of style of clothes i can wear. i have been to my nhs and they are being really long about it. also they say i need to loose about 3 stones!! i am 5 ft 2 and weigh 12 stones. most the weight is on my breast though. has anyone els been advised on loosing weight first? as i am sure there have been women who are alot bigger and weigh alot more and still had it done??

Gail, IP: | 7.8.2012 15:21:31

Anyone going to prague in sept. im going sept 11th for breast reduction. and unfortunatly have to go alone. I am 53 and have wanted this surgery all my adult life really. now im actually doing it. i shall be out buying a whole new wardrobe after this. cant wait!! :-) :-D :-P

tasha, IP: | 14.8.2012 05:56:11

Hello i would like info on my boobs a lift job and butt injections if you can help me

Beauty in Prague | 27.9.2012 14:42:25

Dear Tasha,

Thank you for your interest in our cosmetic surgery abroad.

Beauty in Prague offers you a free consultation before you make your decision. Simply fill in the Medical Questionnaire and send us the photo of the areas to be treated. Our Prague plastic surgeons will assess your suitability for the treatment and we will get back to you within a few days with their advice.

Once we have the photos we are able to help you and advise you on the best and most effective procedure for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day, Lucia

• Beauty in Prague – Cosmetic Surgery

jana smith, IP: | 22.10.2012 13:48:31

I had my uplift in the Philippines about 3 months ago and so far everything looks great! My doctor, Dr Rino Lorenzo was very good and guided me all throughout. I suggest for those who want to have a breast reduction or an uplift to choose a skilled surgeon that has a great deal of experience coz it can great help to minimize any associated risks.

Denise, IP: | 10.1.2013 17:54:26

I am considering a breast reduction/uplift. Please advice of best surgeon

Karen smith, IP: | 10.1.2013 18:09:37

Hi Denise, I'm booked with dr jitka vrtitkova in Prague fir April, she did my arm lift surgery in august & the results are amazing. Whilst I was there in august she did some breast uplifts & implants….their results were also amazing. This surgeon is on the surgeon page on the beauty in Prague website. I know she's on vacation mid feb till end march though. Please don't hesitate To ask any questions

Denise Cowan, IP: | 10.1.2013 18:14:53

Hi Karen, thanks fir your speedy reply, I had my tummy dune here in uk a few years back but I've heard good things about surgery in Prague so I'm giving it serious thought, have you had an honest quote though?

Karen smith, IP: | 10.1.2013 18:39:14

What do you mean Denise? The prices are as they say on the price list on beauty in Prague website, then all you add on top in £20 for your transfers the the accomadtion fee which is £30 a night if sharing fir one person £45 a night if your taking somebody. Once you've filled in the questionnaire & sent it with pictures they'll show pics to a surgeon then get back to you with surgeons name & full itemised price list. You then pay £300 deposit now & remainder when you get there. My surgeons dr jitka vrititkova she's lovely.

Denise, IP: | 10.1.2013 19:21:01

every time i have had a quote (not from here) its been different. so i want to know that they are true quotes . thank you

Karen smith, IP: | 10.1.2013 19:57:07

You need to contact beauty in Prague, there's will be a true quote like I say the prices on website for surgery is the price, only extras are transfers & accommodation costs. The prices include a support bra too which some places charge extra for. Once you contact them & send photos they will send you an email of break down of costs. But it tells you on website costs of apartment depending if you want to share or stay on your own. I paid for the very large sharing apt hoping some other English lady would be sharing, however I was on my own for 10 days. There were lots of English people there having surgery but they all took partners or there mums. That's why my hubby coming this time, as it's breast surgery you'll be able to go out for walks after a few days

Denise, IP: | 10.1.2013 22:15:45

Great, i'll make contact, thanks for your input. it helps a lot .

Gill rudkon, IP: | 2.5.2013 20:50:13

Hi I turned 50 recently and finally finally getting the determination to have my boobs reduced after approx 10 yrs ummming and arring !! Always chickened out and costs here in uk so high!!! Thinking of this summer when my teenagers away so I got time to heal etc – does anyone know can you book the dates you want rather than the clinic?? Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in Prague based on their experiences and best place to stay???
Thanks !!

Beauty in Prague | 3.5.2013 15:57:55

Dear Gill,

First of all we would like to offer you a free email consultation – please fill in the Medical Questionnaire online and send us some photos of the areas to be treated. The photos can be send via email or post.

Within a few days you will receive detailed information regarding your surgery, costs, available appointments and some telephone numbers of our previous clients who are happy to answer all your questions.

Regarding the appointments – as we have 9 plastic surgeons we are quite flexible, so just please apply for our free email consultation, and we can start organising your arrival, procedure and stay in Prague. Usually we can offer you appointments in 2–3 weeks.

Just to reassure you about your stay in Prague, you don’t have to worry if you are traveling alone. Already after your arrival to the Prague airport you will be awaited by one of our coordinators who will take you to the clinic and show you your accommodation.

We are ideally located to service our client's every need and our friendly English speaking Patient Co-ordinators will take care of you from the moment of your arrival at Prague airport right through until your departure. Individual care for every client and the maximum attention to your needs is ensured thanks to our Patient co-ordinators.

Please find more information about the procedure on: http://www.be­autyinprague.com/…t-reduction/

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Have a great day, Lucia

Beauty in Prague – Safe & Affordable Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Karen smith, IP: | 3.5.2013 17:43:13

Hi gill, you can book what dates you want as long as surgeon is not on holiday, I'm 2.5 wks post op breast uplift & implant my results are amazing. My surgeon was dr jitka vristokova with beauty in Prague, it's the 2nd time she has operated on me, I had my arm lift done last year following huge weight loss. They tend to operate on mon or Tuesday's mostly. I hope this helps x

Gill, IP: | 8.5.2013 22:46:31

Hi Karen thanks for that advice I shall look into that – did u go alone and where did u stay??
Any more advice greatly appreciated!!

You sound like you hooked!! Well done to you!
Gill x :-)

Melanie , IP: | 25.10.2016 14:23:09

Hi.. new to this.. looking for a boob implant job (only very subtle though) looking to hear of people's expe­riences/recom­mendations in Prague. Worried about staying in Prague for 7 days after (do you have to?!) also in the U.K. Twighlight surgery is possible.. I would much prefer this option! Any words of advice very appreciated :-)

Keyla07, IP: | 21.3.2017 12:27:55

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Thank you for your time and I wont bother you anymore.

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