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Laura, IP: | 29.11.2008 15:21:31

I am considering having a breast uplift. Has anybody had a breast uplift with Beauty in Prague and did it turn out ok???

Colleen, IP: | 10.2.2009 12:51:09

I'd say it has changed my life for the better. I'm much more confident than I ever was. I am wearing tank tops for the first time since I was a child. I wear them all the time now. But then I had plastic surgery after a gastric bypass so it's a combination of weight loss and surgery to remove excess skin. I'm having the time of my life. It's not about dating but having the freedom to just be comfortable in my own skin. ;-)

Jenny, IP: | 4.3.2009 17:35:28

I´m curvy, and although I feel fine about my curves I am overweight and fat at the moment. But funnily enough, I feel more confident and better emotionally when I´m bigger. My boobs have always been big, from the time they arrived :-D

I like them – even though after two kids, they could do with a bit of surgical elevation!

lynn fishwick, IP: | 21.9.2011 18:36:00

I have just had a breast uplift at Beauty in Prague clinic. This is the third time I have been to this clinic for surgery, they are professional, helpful, and lots cheaper than in England. All staff speak English very well and the clinic is so clean. I have been back in England a week now and I am so happy with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend the clinic to friends and family, its a big step going abroad for surgery but its the best decision I have made. If anyone wants more information from me please e mail me anytime

kirsty, IP: | 4.11.2011 22:17:56

Im 24 had a baby 8months ago, and considering a uplift. Is this a good idea if i plan on having more children?

Louisa brooks, IP: | 9.11.2011 02:14:22

Hi Lynn, I'm seriously considering a tummy tuck with lipo with bip but an just unsure on coming over and stayin for over a wk?? My email is Louisa (at) fa­ries.orangeho­me.co.uk I would really appreciate any advice you could give.thanks Louisa.

Andrea, IP: | 21.1.2012 22:26:49

I'm booked for an uplift in March and would appreciate ANY advice on what to /not to do and what to expect. Eg do the apartments have fully equiped kitchen, is there a bath with plug or just a shower etc.

I will be staying for 10 days on my own so any info on best places to buy food and how to get around would be great.

Thanks in advance.


Hair Transplant in Lahore, IP: | 7.5.2014 08:49:51

Well shaped breast were always considered as a sign of beauty that’s why girls are more conscious about their outer look. And its possible after breast augmentation if you really want enhnace your feminine beauty.

Sharon Elkin, IP: | 27.6.2017 13:36:49

I'm considering areola reduction after previously having a breast lift..can anyone tell me about this procedure & there results…

Lisa Parry, IP: | 11.8.2017 13:12:16

Please can you tell me how much it would cost to replace my current breast implants with smaller ones. My right hand breast implant has been replaced twice owing to capsular contracture.

Beauty in Prague | 17.9.2017 21:39:25

Hi Lisa,

The Re-Augmentation is usually at the same cost as Breast Augmentation only. Please email us the pictures to beauty (at) be­autyinprague.com, so we can provide you with further information.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards, Beauty in Prague team

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