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Inverted nipple correction surgery

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Stephanie, IP: | 2.2.2009 23:37:31

i was just wondering with the inverted nipple correction surgery, does the price include both nipples?


eva, IP: | 13.5.2009 12:28:43

Hi will you be coming to the uk??? i really want this inverted nipple surgery and was wondering where you are? can i have it when im pregnant? and how much?


celeste :-P

Beauty in Prague | 1.6.2009 11:24:48

Dear Stephanie and Celeste,

Thank you for your interest in our breast surgery abroad.

The price for inverted nipple surgery is for both nipples.

This surgery as all breast surgeries can not be performed if you are pregnant nor when you are breastfeeding.

We also offer free email consultation where your suitability is assessed by our Prague plastic surgeons – please fill in the Medical Questionnaire and send us the photos of the areas to be treated.

Have a lovely day, Tamara

Beauty in Prague – Safe Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Unawos Ahmed, IP: | 8.2.2018 13:27:04

don't think my other message sent but ive got overwhelmingly large male titties and they are completely and utterly abstructing my view of private mohammad (my willy). any suggestions are much appriciated. also i have inverted nipples but my budget is low because i work on a phone stall.

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