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Leanne, IP: | 21.10.2008 11:46:39


i was just wondering if you could give me any feedback. Im hoping to have breast enlargement abroad early next yr id luv 2 hear any1s stories.

I feel that having ba will change my life completly ;-) im now a 32b not as full as id like though im hoping to go to a full c or maybe a d im going to the Beauty in Prague clinic december 4th so im hoping il be able to decide the right size then.

Thanks leanne 21 w.mids xxx

Julie, IP: | 21.10.2008 11:50:44

Hi Leanne

I had 350cc, moderate plus implants (a half-way house between moderate and high profiles), taking me from a 34A/B to a 34D/DD. My incisions were under each breast, but they're almost invisible now (I had the op in November 2008).

If you do decide to go ahead, you certainly won't regret it. :-P

Julie xx

cosmetic surgery

Beauty in Prague | 21.10.2008 11:59:18

Dear Leanne and Julie,

the decision about the size of the breast implants is made here in Prague, so there is no need to be worried about it before your arrival.

You will be having once again a full cosmetic surgery consultation with your plasic surgeon here in Prague where he/she will show you the types of the implants, different sizes, explain to you differences and will also advise which one would be the best for you.

Breast Augmentation abroad

You can decide during this consultation according to your requirements and the plastic surgeon´s advice.

Best Wishes, Tamara

kiera wakeling, IP: | 9.12.2008 17:43:22

Hi there,

I had breast augmentation with round silicone breast implants.

I was cut under the breast and had the implants underneath the muscle. I went from a size 32b to a c/d. For the first couple of days it does hurt but its worth the pain.

My breasts are the right size for my frame and still look natural ;-)

savanna rodrigues, IP: | 19.12.2008 11:27:57

Hi there, i am planning on get cosmetic surgery in Prague hopefully some time in feb, i would say im a 34b but as i have a big butt and small waist they look really out of preporton and have slowed my modelling down, i would like to go ut to a 34d/dd or 36c and would like to know which kind of implant will look the most natural?

Kate , IP: | 2.1.2009 14:25:13

Please can anyone explain the difference between eurosillicone and Mchan implants?

lisa, IP: | 16.1.2009 21:24:03

Hi leanne i read you were getting yours done in the beauty in prague cosmetic surgery clinic, i just wondered how it went as im planning on hopefully getting mine done there .lisa

MeleenAmargo, IP: | 18.1.2009 06:45:23

I want to know abnout hips and butt enlargement

LOUISEHUMPHREYS, IP: | 19.1.2009 22:55:24

i have allways wanted a breast enlargment but haent had the tim wiv the children i feel that now is te right time :-P

lisa, IP: | 28.1.2009 18:30:03

Yay i have just booked my flights to prague!!!! and my breast augmentation is on the 23rd of feb really excited :-D but a little scared to!!!! xlisax

Lucinda, IP: | 2.2.2009 23:32:56

I am very interested in coming to your clinc for a breast augmentation. Pls could you tell me, are the McGhanns better than the Eurosilicons, and why? Thank you

gwen keogh, IP: | 6.2.2009 23:08:21


I am hopefully going to Beauty in Prague to get brest uplift abroad done,is there anybody who can tell me a bit about their experience at the clinic and with the procedures they have had .

Is it as easy as its made to look.. Gwen

Beauty in Prague | 10.2.2009 11:43:07

Dear Lucinda and Kate,

I would like to provide you with more information about the difference between Eurosillicone and McGhan breast implants.

At our cosmetic surgery clinic we use only accredited breast silicon implants. Both brands are of the highest quality available worldwide. The only difference is that Eurosilicone are made in France and are cheaper and McGhan are made in the USA and are more expensive.

  • Eurosilione Breast implants

These implants are made in France by a specialist manufacturer called Eurosilicone who have been making implants since 1987. These implants incorporate a low permeability barrier layer within the shell structure in order to suppress any gel bleeding.

The micro-texturation of the implants' surface offers excellent biocompatability and reduced capsular contraction incidence. The silicone-gel is also cohesive enough so that it does not migrate in the case of an implants' rupture.

Both anatomically shaped and the more usual round implants in low and high profile are distributed.

  • McGhan Breast implants

INAMED Aesthetics, now part of Allergan and formerly known as McGhan Medical is U.S. based company and one of the leading suppliers in the world manufacturing a complete line of breast implants for augmentation and reconstruction surgeries. Inamed has been at the forefront of research and development in implant technology and is one of the largest manufacturers in the wordl.

Inamed Aesthetics have introduced cohesive silicone gel that is designed to maintain its shape, and does not flow, even in the event of shell rupture.

The patented Intrashiel barrier technology acts as a protective barrier in the implant shell to significantly reduce silicone diffusion.

Silicone implants are available in both round and anatomical shapes, and textured and smooth shells, in a wide variety of sizes with low, moderate and full projections.

Best Wishes, Tamara

lisa, IP: | 16.2.2009 03:18:11

Hi Gwen im in prague next week for my breast augmentation surgery so i will let you know how everything goes and my experience there! Lisa x

Kashia, IP: | 16.2.2009 09:40:46

After breastfeeding 3 children I had small A-cups that were basically empty saggy skin. I opted for silicone implants because I wanted to feel natural. It has been 2 years this month. I am still very happy with them. They feel and look very natural. I went with 320cc which is about a full C.

I don't look like a stripper, they are very proportionate to my figure. the incision was under the breast, scars are basically invisible by now. Recovery wasn't too bad. First 3 days were the worst. Was not a picnic but definately tolerable. Well worth it! ;-)

Jess, IP: | 16.2.2009 10:02:15


I am hoping someone could recommend a Prague plastic breast augmentation surgeon. I have been looking into having them done and am not sure who to go to. I really want a VERY good plastic surgeon and would love some suggestions. I live in the UK but am willing to travel to Prague.


Ann, IP: | 16.2.2009 10:05:53

From the pre-op to post-op, the whole surgical experience was pleasant. :-P Honesty is the key, if you are not a candidate for the surgery the plastic surgeon will inform you. Dr. Kulhanek and his staff were very caring and comforting all the way through all follow up appointments. I would recommend this Prague plastic surgeon!


Christine, IP: | 4.3.2009 19:29:09

Does anyone have any experience with this company?

I have been looking into them lately and they seem to have very reasonable breast augmentation prices – inclusive of all accomodation, dressings , medications etc – but would like to know if they are a very reputable company and worth looking into a bit further for a breast augmentation.

lisa, IP: | 4.3.2009 22:08:20

Hi Christine

i have recently just come back from prague i had my ba 9 days ago and they were fantastic!! i was very worried about the surgery as it was abroad and also because the breast enlargement prices were so cheap.

but the clinic was so clean the staff were so friendly and looked after me so well im glad i went there! if you have any other questions just ask

Veronica, IP: | 24.3.2009 23:27:11

I have 800cc silicone breast implants. I wish to go larger. What do you have available.

Regards, Veronica.

Louisa, IP: | 26.3.2009 22:47:33

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone would be able to send me feedback from their operation and experience in Prague. I am going for my op on the 4th of May! I am a very sporty 34 a cup. not sure what size i am going to go, not too big but any suggestions?? Thanks a mil, have a great day! xIre xx :-)

lisa, IP: | 30.3.2009 01:50:53

Hi Louisa i had my breast augmentation on 23rd feb, i was so scared as it was abroad but im so happy i went with beauty in prague, i am very slim and have a small frame i was an A cup, i got 260cc breast implants which took me to a full c cup, i do wish i had gone a little bigger to 300cc but over all i am happy with them if you have any more questions just ask :O) lisa x

marie, IP: | 13.4.2009 23:12:35

hi i already have breast implants, I am quite happy with them but would like to be a little bigger and more closer together, what is the cost please for replacement

Beauty in Prague | 14.4.2009 14:19:53

Dear Marie,

Thank you for your interest in our affordable and safe cosmetic surgery abroad.

Our Prague plastic surgeons also perform replacement of breast implants, however, it needs to be assessed whether you need only replacing breast implants or replacement needs to be combined with breast uplift.

Please apply for our free consultation, so we can provide you with more information from our Prague plastic surgeons.

The cost of breast implants replacement is 2,289 GBP including the silicone implants.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day,

Tamara, Beauty in Prague – Your Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Louisa, IP: | 23.4.2009 18:48:39

Hi Lisa,

I only saw that you replied to me now! Sorry bout that. Yup the time is near and I am getting nervous. How long did it take for the recovery? You think I will be able to go to school after a week with not many ppl noticing :-D ha ha ha. is the swelling bad? as I am going to get looks when I come back from the students!! anyways, doesnt matter. was it painful? under the muscle?? you still have feeling in your nipples? :-)
Thanks for answering back you so sweet.. so nervous!!! xxx

carey orlik, IP: | 25.4.2009 10:56:48

hi, if you can help me that would be great. ive had implants put in this year in febuary. the operation seemed too go well although im thinking of a lift. after the implants were put in (3 months ago ive noticed lumps apearing in one breast and only yesterday one of the breast where the stiches were seemed too tear although no bleeding is aparent.it was very painfull coud anyone advise me what this was and how much a lift would cost?
your reply would be great thankyou carey xx

lisa, IP: | 25.4.2009 23:15:48

Hey Louisa, i was fine after like 2 weeks i was hardly in any pain at all, and my birthday was 3 weeks after the op and i was able to go out wearing a sexy low cut dress! was only when i lay down and getting up that hurt a little. i had no bruising or anything best thing i ever done although i do regret not getting them a lil bigger! :O(
as for going to school without anyone noticing it depends on how big your getting them! lol, i loved my boobs when they were swollen haha just the right size but then they went down a size im like a c cup now. before i was a D. i had my op like 2 months ago and my nipples are still numb ,hope i get the feeling back! and the pain is not bad at all after you leave the surgery so dont worry let me know how it goes xx

lisa , IP: | 25.4.2009 23:19:23

800cc and you want to go BIGGER!! wont you look kinda stupid?!!

katie baines , IP: | 30.4.2009 18:39:07

im having breast augmentation 2moz due to losing 6 and half stone but i am really really scared about how much pain im going to be in when i come round.

Louisa, IP: | 30.4.2009 19:35:20

hey everyone!
cant believe it is nearly time for surgery. I am so nervous! I am getting it done on monday. eeeek!!! good luck katie!! let us know how it goes:)how long you in prague for? might see you there. who is your surgeon?? xxx

mandi, IP: | 14.5.2009 15:12:47

hi was wonderin if anyone had there breast done & could someone give me a clue of what to expect after surgery, pain wise etc any info would be gratefully takin in lol

mandi, IP: | 19.5.2009 13:37:12


gemma, IP: | 20.5.2009 16:51:46

hi how much for breast inlargement and nipple reshaping thanks

gemma, IP: | 20.5.2009 16:51:50

hi how much for breast inlargement and nipple reshaping thanks

gemma, IP: | 20.5.2009 16:51:52

hi how much for breast inlargement and nipple reshaping thanks

Louisa, IP: | 20.5.2009 17:11:27

Hi mandi, its been two weeks since i had my boob job and i have nearly healed completely. I heal quickly as I am very sporty. The doctor, Dr. Kulhanek is amazing. he did a fab job. I wasnt too crazy about the nurses. They are insenstive at times and dont realise you are far away from home so that upset me. Especially when you have just come off anisthetic your emotions are high etc. It was very busy when i was there 4 patients by the same doctor so maybe that explains the irritableness of the nurses. I like the blonde one though the first one there, she was pleasasnt. then things deteriorated! But you know what, it is the result that is important adn I am SO SO SO delighted with my doctor. he is super and such a lovely guy. the scars are nearly invisible. really awesome. when are you going for yours? xxx

Beauty in Prague | 1.6.2009 11:53:27

Dear Loiusa,

Thank you for your feedback. We are very happy you were satisfied with Dr Kulhanek and the outcome of your breast enlargement surgery.

Regarding the nurses, I´m sorry if you felt a few of they were „insensitive“ as most of our clients are overhelmed with the way they are treated especially by the nurses. We will definitely improve it :-)

Have a great summer and enjoy your new bikini body :-)

Best Wishes, Tamara

Beauty in Prague – Safe breast enlargement surgery abroad

ann, IP: | 6.8.2009 02:40:41

hi im getting breast lift and aug dont but a bit concern of a family friend who had hers done 2wks ago,she got an infection and had to get them taken out and had to pay another 6000 to correct the damaged caused but cant have new implants till the infection goes which will take with reg cleaning at the hospitalshes had a further 4 operation to preform the cleaning of the breast and infected area, she was happy when she first had them done but then got infection because she was not given antibiotics,it will be 6mths,before she will get her boob job and the pain she has to go through because she wasnt given antibotics, she is at the moment disfigured,she wouldnt no the out come till she have the operation ofter infection has healed,so just make sure you are given pain killers and antibiotics or even better take your own at lease you will not have to go through what she went through, im not sure because of this now, whether to go abroad or stay and get it done in my home country,i really want them done and so many of my friends and family are going to get it done but only after they see my out come, nice of them, but still unsure, need reasurance,and a really good surgeon,… 8-O

Emma, IP: | 3.10.2009 23:03:29

Hi there
im 29 and have had 2 kids , i used to be a 34b , but just have nipples left now!! and doubt that i'm even an A cup anymore :-(
My hubby tells me i'm gr8 as i am , but inside i feel like ive lost part of my soul!!
I am a bit worried if i'm honest as A: They are VERY cheap compared to the UK B:money is tight and i dont want to get my hopes up to be told i need the really expensive one's ( after i've paid to go to Prague ) cos saving 2.5k is alot of money to us and C: I worry about the aftercare as my Op was abroad….….…..can anybody put my mind at rest??????? :-?

Emma, IP: | 3.10.2009 23:07:37

8-O :-(Oh My Word just read Ann's story :-( 8-O

stephanie, IP: | 23.11.2009 12:22:25

hi girlies!!! im all booked to get my ba on d 1st feb im really excited but nervous 2!! can anybody give me feedback on how they got on



jayne, IP: | 10.4.2010 08:43:46

Hi is anybody out their who has had breast uplift with implants at the age of 45 please. and was it worth it, and what was the cost. :-D

lucy taylor, IP: | 15.4.2010 15:43:18

hello i am considering having anotomical implants, as I would like them to look as natural as possible. My only concern would be if they turned in their pocket, and I had to have them replaced, would that be free? Has anybody had teardrop?

carlybe, IP: | 19.4.2010 15:34:08

hello ladies!!
i am a mother of 3 breast-fed children :-? in desperate need of an uplift plus implants, am about to book ma suregery in prague, for end of june, but am confused as to wether under or ova the muscle would be best?!
may thanx!


kristina, IP: | 20.4.2010 01:00:27

Hi Lucy Taylor.
I had my BA on 29.3. round 390 and they look so natural i am 24 i dont know how about u but my dr (kulhanek) told me that round are better for young and anatomical are more like for saggy boobs. Because round anyway with gravitation will drop.
but dont worry ur dr will talk u thru good luck ;-)

lucy taylor, IP: | 20.4.2010 14:49:30

thanks kristina, glad your happy with yours, what size were you before if you dont mind me asking. Im really small you see, A cup. Not much breast tissue at all, thats why im undecided about which to go for!! I think round would probably be best.. So you've hust had yours done, how are they, have you had any pain? discomfort? :-)

steph, IP: | 20.4.2010 20:21:10

hi lucy i had my BA the 1st feb this year and i was tiny like a 32A was sometimes to big..my email addy is: isurnamesteph (at) e­ircom.net give me an email and ill fill u in on the op etc xxxx

kristina, IP: | 21.4.2010 22:57:26

Hi Lucy.
I forgot to say i had submascular so it meant bo be very painful but it wasnt at all. just first day was unconfortable on my 2nd day i managed to have shower and wash my hair with no help :) u will feel just like u have something heavy sitting on ur chest. :) they will give u painkillers all the staff are lovely. if u want give me ur email adress and i can send some email or here is my number 07702164764 :) btw i was 34 smal B or AA now i am 34DD and they already feel soft.
so i think if u have small boobs they will sugest u under muscle. thats is preferable in those coutries compare with uk mostly under tissue.
Than they look fake they feel harder and goes saggy and more chance get capsules contraction go for under muscle more pain is worth it. take care text me any time. 8-)

lesley moreland, IP: | 17.9.2010 14:56:50

hi lisa can i just ask how long it was after you had your ba did you fly ? x

Aisha, IP: | 19.9.2010 01:28:33

Hi guys, I really want to get breat implants and some lipo in my thighs too. Why is there this intake of breath when you say you wnat to go aborad? It seems so good on this site and I just want to go for it. Is it safe? What do you all think? :-)

kristina, IP: | 19.9.2010 16:01:36

to aisha
hi aisha.. yes it is safe i had it done too last year..i am very pleased please if u have any question feel free to call me or text me. i will be happy to clear out everything for you. :-P

Lily, IP: | 20.9.2010 20:10:06

Is it possible to play team sports after having BA, or would it be time to retire from team sports such as soccer or rugby??

carly, IP: | 20.9.2010 21:26:50

to lily,
i met a lovely girl who shared my apartment in prague when i had my breast uplift done, (she had implants) she was a racehorse trainer, i thought she would struggle after having her op, but she just made sure they were secured down properly and was fine! :)

Andrea, IP: | 22.10.2010 00:15:26


I'm in the military and was just stationed in Germany. I'm interested in knowing more about the beast enhancement surgery! I was pretty heavy chested and I've given birth to two kids. I'd like to have fuller perkier breast (with implants) but I'm wondering what the price would be. I'm not sure what the exchange rate is as far as money (USD) are concerned.

If I could get a pretty close estimate of the price of your packages for those considering breast implants (with a lift) and aftercare I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank You! :-P

Andrea, IP: | 23.10.2010 00:55:14

Oops I ment BREAST enhancement not BEAST enhancement..lol :-P

Mark Horton, IP: | 23.10.2010 14:36:35

A breast implant is a prosthesis used to alter the size and shape of a woman's breasts (known as breast augmentation, breast enlargement, mammoplasty enlargement, augmentation mammoplasty or the common slang term boob job) for cosmetic reasons, to reconstruct the breast (e.g. after a mastectomy or to correct congenital chest wall deformities), or as an aspect of male-to-female gender transition. A breast tissue expander is a temporary breast implant used during staged breast reconstruction procedures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. According to data collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, in 2007, 307,230 breast augmentation procedures were performed in the U.S., a 12% decrease compared to the previous year. This decrease has been associated with the financial challenges posed by a struggling economy. Despite the decrease, however, breast augmentation surgeries remained as the number one surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the U.S

There are two primary types of breast implants: saline-filled and silicone-gel-filled implants. Saline implants have a silicone elastomer shell filled with sterile saline liquid. Silicone gel implants have a silicone shell filled with a viscous silicone gel. Several alternative types of breast implants had been developed, such as polypropylene string or soy oil, but these are no longer manufactured.

Thanks, Mark

Carly, IP: | 20.12.2010 14:28:49

I have booked my op with Beauty in Prague & only 4 weeks to go! So excited!!

I am approx a size 8, 32–34b at the mo & looking to go 2 at least a D cup, most people ive spoken to always wish they'd gone bigger, I dont want to be a DD, do they do an inbetween size?

As I do modelling I want least scarring as poss, not many people I have spoken to have had the implants inserted into the armpit, if anyone has could they give me some advice? I am happy to go under the breast but is there anything recommended to help the scarring?

Carly x

cosmetic surgery

lucy, IP: | 10.1.2011 21:17:29

hi there iam looking to get breast implants here but iam worried about going abroard to do this and the after care what happens if i go home and something goes wrong? i would like some real stories off people who have had this done here and how do you have your consultation? please help need advise xxx

vicki, IP: | 1.11.2011 19:27:45

Hiya all, im looking into having breast implants with this company. Although i am quite scared about leaving the uk to get them done and being alone in the process. Also are they cheaper for a reason? helpp!!

toney, IP: | 18.11.2011 20:27:20

Do you perform butt augmentation with fat transfer from the stomach to the butt? If so….how much does this cost in American Dollars?

annie, IP: | 15.2.2012 17:58:31

i am coming over on the 2nd april to have my breast enlargement on the 3rd im so excited, is there any helpfull advice or tips anyone could give me that has been through the same.

Thnk-you in advance :-P i cant wait!!!

steph, IP: | 15.2.2012 23:52:30

hey annie ;) ive had mine just over 2 years now.. best thing ive ever done!! just bring loads of comfy clothes with you like zip up tops the least effort into dressing yourself the beer. i lived in uggs and a trackie for the week!! i brought plenty of films with me as i was fairly uncomfortable for the for the first few days and really didnt want to be out and about. it helped pass the time for me!1

best of luck chix


annie, IP: | 16.2.2012 16:52:46


Thanks, my mum is going to come with me to look after me i though plenty of cardies joggers and vests, i cant wait i have waited so long it alomst dont seem real as if it going to happen, im glad your happy with yours :-) thanks for your advice x :-)

steph, IP: | 18.2.2012 13:37:56

my mam came with me too.. hopefully ull be as chuffed as me!! takes a wile to get used to finally having a chest but the wait is definately worth it!!!

annie, IP: | 22.2.2012 13:23:00

oooh im so excited it does not seem real like its happening! counting down the days now! im glad your really happy with yours, :-) i will let you know how i get on x thanks x

Carissa Delaney, IP: | 24.2.2012 12:04:39

Hi all,

Been doing my research as going abroad for breast implants in June and worried about travel insurance. Am i right in thinking standard insurance is void (eg post office) if travelling for medical/cosmetic surgery.

Looking into using Medical Travel Shield policy looks good. Anyone used them? or have any other suggestions? Help dont want to lose my luggage and find out dont have valid insurance. :s

Charlotte, IP: | 10.9.2012 19:04:09

I'm having my breast implants on the 15th October. So exited!!!

Keeley whitcombe, IP: | 26.4.2014 15:45:52

I'm looking to get breast enlargements & lipo maybe even a tummy tuck do you advice this to be done over a few days or can it be done together, I've read reviews and this company has been high rated

How soon after can you fly home??

Tony, IP: | 20.4.2015 01:13:31

There is an 800cc limit on silicon implants in the UK, as my girlfriend is Transsexual she has a larger frame than most women and is 180CM tall. She already has 800cc implants and wants 1600cc, I would prefer her to go no bigger than 1200cc but as she says, it's her body. Can I get custom made high profile silicon implants around this size?

Blanca seibold, IP: | 31.7.2015 12:06:47

I’m having breast implants installed this month. My doctor gave me two options for placing breast implants under the chest wall and below the breast gland. I have heard that under the breast gland have less recovery time but it may look obvious that i have breast implants . Is this true?. Should i go for under the chest wall breast implant.

Donna, IP: | 14.9.2015 02:27:14

I am looking to use this group I had a boob job about 10 years ago in UK. Since then had a child now would like rejob. Please can you help me as so much cheaper abroad! Would love it if someone got back to me. Many thanks x

Jessica, IP: | 7.4.2017 00:42:56

thanks girls for everything. I'm planning to have breast implants, so I've found useful info regarding my concerns which I would talk with my doctor later.

Sara, IP: | 28.3.2018 10:08:30

My breasts were always an insecurity of mine, because they were small and different. I always dreamt about making them beautiful, so I could fully love myself. Dr. Simon Ourian made my dream come true. He did an amazing job. I can barely see my scars and I can't thank him enough.

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